art hour: art night 2019 special edition

June 24, 2019

ART HOUR : ART NIGHT 2019 Special Edition


In this very Special Edition of the ART HOUR, Vassiliki Tzanakou covered ART NIGHT London 2019.
The broadcast was on the 22nd of June on Soho Radio Culture, and run from 5pm onwards, with a series of interviews and tunes providing the listeners with an insight experience of a fascinating ART NIGHT 2019.

INTERVIEWS | CURATED PROGRAMME: Helen Nisbet (Artistic Director of ART NIGHT 2019), Cory Arcangel and Hampus Lindwall,Joe Namy and Alice Theobald.

INTERVIEW | ART NIGHT OPEN: Abigail McLachlan (East of Eden) & Alex Stevens (Audio Visual Mechanism), Roy Immanuel, Amy Pettifer from Shell Like

In addition to the ART NIGHT 2019 programme, Vassiliki invited cutting edge visual artists to present their inspiring music compositions covering a variety of genres and styles.

FEATURING ARTISTS’s COMPOSITIONS: Paul Benney with James Ribbans & Nitin Sahwney, Martin Creed, Farhad Farzali, Stephane Graff & Mustaliki, Reeps One.


LISTEN HERE: PART ONE  (Helen Nisbet, Cory Arcangel & Hampus Lindwall)
                          PART TWO ( Abigail McLachlan & Alex Stevens,
                                                Roy Immanuel, Amy Pettifer, Alice Theobald)
                          PART THREE (Joe Namy, Stephane Graff with Mustaliki and Martin Creed)
                          PART FOUR (Paul Benney, Reeps One and Farhad Farzaliyev)


ART NIGHT is London’s largest free contemporary art festival, transforming the city annually for one unforgettable night. The 2019 edition takes place in Walthamstow and King’s Cross. The festival consists of 12 artist projects curated by Helen Nisbet, and 40+ special artist projects and events as part of Art Night Open, directed by Zarina Rossheart. https://2019.artnight.london/

ART HOUR ARTinTRA partnered with Soho Radio to create the ‘ART HOUR‘. Every fourth Sunday, 10-11am, the Art Hour presents an internationally renowned visual artist or visual arts professional, who drops into the studio to play their Sunday morning tunes and chat with presenter Vassiliki Tzanakou about their work, past, present and future, demystifying the ‘Art World’. https://artintra.net/portfolio/soho-radio/

SOHO RADIO is an online radio station broadcasting live from Soho to the world, featuring two channels: Music & Culture. Their eclectic roster is made up of shows from the likes of music journalist Pete Paphides, dub maestro Dennis Bovell, Hacienda legend Mike Pickering and Primal Scream bassist Simone Marie. Inspired by Soho’s diverse culture, Soho Radio draws together musicians, artists, filmmakers, poets and the generally curious, from across the globe. https://www.sohoradiolondon.com/home/