Film read part of the Strangelove Festival
Friday, 17 March 2017, 12noon – 5pm
@Space, Folkestone
Curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou

What animation creates is more than the illusion of motion and change. It is a poetic synthesis of all art forms, the worlds of ideas and sciences aiming to move, even a particle of, the human ‘anima’ or ‘psyche’ as it represents the totality of the human mind, the conscious and the unconscious. This is what ‘Animotion’ explores through a journey of a series of short, animated films, curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou.

contributing artists

Meng Zhou, Core, (2017), 3:50’’
Mr Freeman, Part 0, (2009), 2:57’’
Ornana Films, Confusion Through Sand, (2013), 9:24’’
Semiconductor, 20hz , (2011), 5:14’’
Stephen Irwin, The Black Dog’s Progress, (2008), 3:15’’
Wolfgang & Christoph Lauenstein, Balance, (1989), 7:40’’

and some surprises revealed only to the in-situ guests
featured image photo credit; 20Hz, 2011, Semiconductor