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November 14, 2014





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Conceived and Directed by Vassiliki Tzanakou and Curated by James Putnam & Vassiliki Tzanakou, Out Of Our Heads project will explore hallucinations – one of the most fascinating human phenomena that have often been a source of inspiration for dynamic works of art.

Out Of Our Heads project will feature a visual arts exhibition with works of established and emerging artists in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound and performance art. Artists, scientists and curators have combined their knowledge and skills to question human perception, illusions and hallucinations and challenge belief systems. The artists’ work will attempt to excite the human senses, while the scientists will provide us with the up to date scientific knowledge. Alongside the exhibition a series of talks, film screenings, workshops, performances and events will cover themes of perception, illusions, hallucinations and mental health in order to engage the public in a diverse dialogue about hallucinations and mental health and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses.

Installed in the dark at evocative, labyrinthine space of the Shoreditch Town Hall basement Out Of Our Heads will further challenge the spectator’s perception and attempt to trigger an intense awareness of the self and mind.


Prof David Nutt (Psychiatrist and Neuropsychopharmacologist) | Dr. David O’ Flynn (Psychiatrist) | Dr Dominic ffytche (Psychiatrist) | Prof Fiona MacPherson (Philosopher) | Prof Jill Peay (Lawyer) | Prof John Foot (Historian) | Dr Konstantinos Moutoussis (Neuroscientist) 

Exhibition runs from 13-29th June 2014, 10am – 6pm daily @ the Shoreditch Town Hall. Private View 13th June, 6pm – 9pm.

10% of the proceeds will go to buy art supplies for the creative therapy departments of mental health institutions





Out Of Our Heads would like to thank all of the contributing artists; the artists’ supportive studio staff and galleries; all of the contributing scientists: Prof David Nutt (Psychiatrist and Neuropsychopharmacologist), Dr David O’ Flynn (Psychiatrist), Dr Dominic ffytche (Psychiatrist), Prof Fiona MacPherson (Philosopher), Prof Jill Peay (Lawyer), Prof John Foot (Historian), Dr Konstantinos Moutoussis (Neuroscientist), Prof Semir Zeki (Neurobiologist); our consultants who have kindly given us their precious time and advice; the sponsors and friends who have provided us with their invaluable financial support and services – without their support and understanding, this project would not have been possible; and every single individual who embraced this project.

Other individuals we’d like to especially thank (alphabetical order) :

Alison Duthie | Alison Green | Aretha Campbell | Benjamin Whyman | Bronya Arciszewska | Prof Charlotte Hodes | MP Charles Walker | Claire Swift |Eiko Honda |Elaine Snell| Emily Mann | Prof Frances Corner, OBE| Graham Southern | Grant O’Brien | Ian Wilmot | Jo Windsor | Jo Crocker | Julia Royse | Laura Thornley| Laetitia Fain | Lindsey Douglas| Mary Moore |Peter Taylor |Phoebe Antoniw |Polly Wright | Stephen Fry | Stuart Semple |Vasilis Asimakopoulos| Viktor Wynd

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Conceived & Directed Curators
Vassiliki Tzanakou James Putnam
Vassiliki Tzanakou
Web Design Scientific Advisors Exhibition Production, LCF
Sidd Danis Dr Dominic ffytche Steven Legget
Omar Boom Dr Anastasia Sylaidi
Graphic Design In-Situ Assistants’ Manager PA to James Putnam, LCF Costume Desingers
Francesca Prizzon Polly Wright Lauren Jones Clare Mcgarrigle – Macbeth
Myrto Sarma – Dancerbation
Video Direction & Visuals In-Situ Assistants Lighting Performers Dancerbation
Matthew Maria Davies Ninon Ardisson Paul Mean Anastasia Freygang
Viviana Baptista Gina Bramhill
Video Sound Mixing Miriam Barosco Jamila Johnson-Small
Nick Paravatos Sarah Boulton Mahab Kazmi
Marta Cacciavillani Masumi Saito
Twitter Account Manager Kingsley Cardi Mildred Rambaud
Haley Ross Giulia Sartori Conte Nena Zinovief
Christopher Eperjesi Yin Neurotic
Louise Neervoort
Hannah Quinn Performers Macbeth
Isabelle Utzinger Caterina Pernao
Charlotte Ward Eva Escrich Gonzales
Aniera Williams Olivia Thynne