art hour

January 8, 2020


ARTinTRA  has partnered with Soho Radio and created the ‘Art Hour‘.

Every fourth Sunday, 10-11am, the Art Hour presents an internationally renowned visual artist or visual arts professional, who drops into the studio to play their Sunday morning tunes and chat with art adviser and curator Vassiliki Tzanakou about their practice, past, present and future, demystifying the ‘Art World’ .

Up until the end of 2017 the Art Hour was a live broadcast and co-presented with Jon Sharples; an intellectual property lawyer and visual art broadcaster.



Follow the link on each name to listen to the interview

08.11.2020 Conrad Shawcross

13.09.2020 Terry Smith

19.07.2020 Dea Vanagan (Director Hauser and Wirth Somerset)

21.06.2020 Oliver Beer

24.05.2020 Ai-Da (the Robot artist)

26.04.2020 Lang Xiao (Founder of Art Touch Consulting)

01.03.2020 Ryan Stanier (Founder & Director The Other Art Fair)

02.02.2020 Candida Gertler (Funder & Director of Outset) & Martina Batovic (Director of Dorotheum UK)

10.11.2019 George Marsh (Brooke Benington Director)

09.10.2019 Ibrahim Mahama

15.09.2019 Paul Benney

18.08.2019 Jo Baring (Director of the Ingram Collection)

22.06.2019 ART NIGHT 2019 (Special Edition)
CURATED PROGRAMME: Helen Nisbet | Cory Arcangel & Hampus Lindwall | Joe Namy | Alice Theobald;
OPEN PROGRAMME: Abigail McLachlan & Alex Stevens | Roy Immanuel | Amy Pettifer;
CURATED BY VASSILIKI: Paul Benney with James Ribbans & Nitin Sahwney | Martin Creed | Farhad Farzali | Stephane Graff  & Mustaliki | ReepsOne

26.05.2019  Rob & Nick Carter

28.04.2019  David Gryn (Curator and Founder of Daata Editions)

31.03.2019  David Birkin

03.03.2019  Ksenia Zemtsova (ART NIGHT co-founder and Director)

03.02.2019  Simone Rowat (from Forensic Architecture)

09.12.2018  <strong (Chair of the Simmons & Simmons Art Network)

11.11.2018  Caroline Worthington (Director of the Royal Society of Sculptors)

14.10.2018  Idris Khan

16.09.2018  David Elliott (curator, writer and museum director)

22.07.2018  James Ostrer

24.06.2018  Nancy Fouts (with Flowers Gallery curator Isabel Bingley)

27.05.2018  Nick Hornby

29.04.2018  Oreet Ashery (with curator Fatos Ustek)

01.04.2018  Hugo Wilson (with curator James Putnam)

04.03.2018  Stephane Graff (with his alter ego Professore)

10.12.2017  Rana Begum

12.11.2017  Joseph Kosuth

15.10.2017  Emi Avora

30.07.2017  Shezad Dawood

25.06.2017   Michael Armitage

28.05.2017  Michael Landy


02.04.2017  Jane & Louise Wilson

05.03.2017  Richard Wilson

05.02.2017  Jane McAdam Freud

08.01.2017  Gavin Turk

11.12.2016  Paul Fryer

13.11.2016  Justin Coombes

16.10.2016  Nathaniel Rackowe