mental health & crime

Shoreditch Town Hall, 25 June 2014

Mental Health and Crime (Dr Jill Peay)


What do we know about the relationships between mental health and crime and the extent to which one might influence the other, in either direction? And how does this knowledge relate to the widely held perceptions about the relationships? The talk will consider briefly both the conceptual framework, the empirical evidence and the experiences of those who are labelled mentally disordered offenders.

Dr Jill Peay is Professor of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is the author of Mental Health and Crime (Routledge 2011), Decisions and Dilemmas: Working with Mental Health Law (Hart Publishing 2003), Tribunals on Trial (Clarendon Press, Oxford 1989), editor of Inquiries after Homicide (Duckworth 1996) and co-editor of Law without Enforcement: Integrating Mental Health and Justice (Hart Publishing 1999).