creative initiatives of rehabilitation

Shoreditch Town Hall, 25 June 2014

by Claire Swift

Creative initiatives can stop the cycle of offending and offer a chance of rehabilitation to those who find themselves marginalised within society. Claire Swift will present some inspiring case studies where fashion education has provided opportunities and skills to people who may not otherwise be able to access them. The implementation of these projects has contributed to the inclusion of previously excluded members of our society, empowered the social bond and facilitated a fundamental shift in perspective for all those involved with.

Claire Swift, is the Director for the Social Responsibility at the London College of Fashion (LCF). Claire’s interest in working with diverse communities through the subject of fashion has developed a keen drive to develop some of the socially responsible initiatives at the LCF. Claire has been able to facilitate creative collaborations with diverse and hard to reach communities that highlight social issues. These projects have been able to benefit all participants, challenge perspectives and influence transformation of lives and to celebrate human diversity. Projects have included: Making a Difference, Teenage Cancer Trust, Sue Ryder Trust, St. Josephs Hospice, Salvation Army, Hope and Homes for Children, Threads, ART AGAINST KNIVES, St. Giles Trust – HMP Send and HMP Holloway.